1BITDRAGON is a music creation software super easy to use, instant and fun.

Ever wanted to get into music making but find mainstream music software too complicated?
Doodle some shapes on the piano roll and the dragon will do its thing. You don’t need to know music in order to make something that sounds good.


  • 223 high quality handcrafted instruments
  • 275 high quality handcrafted drum sounds
  • 90 accompaniments
  • 24 arpeggiators
  • Pentatonic, Minor, Major, Dorian, Oriental and Full scales
  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator that generates natural-sounding rhythmical patterns
  • Live Mode that gives you full control of your live performances while recording a WAV, FLAC or MP3 file (high-pass and low-pass filters, modulation wheels)
  • Copy and paste support
  • Full Undo/Redo support
  • Internal 64-bit audio processing engine
  • MIDI export
  • WAV, FLAC and MP3 recording and export + loop support
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux versions


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Selected Articles

  • 1BITDRAGON is an exciting software to use: it offers so much possibility for music-making that it's worth a shot, even if you're not into that kind of thing. It's surprisingly fun to use, and even the most casual user can pick it up and instantly make something interesting.
    Softpedia, Softpedia's website

  • Simple enough someone brand new could pick it up in minutes but clearly thought out by a musician who added enough bells and whistles for the rest of us. It's surprisingly deep, hard to make it sound bad, a lot of fun. I have very high hopes for the future with add'l features, etc but as it stands - you'll be hard pressed to find another place to spend $20 and have this much fun. Love it.
    Reviewed By obo, KVR

  • I got 1bitdragon and took me 90 seconds to make some basic loop, doing random clicks and the best part is that It doesnt sound TERRIBLE. Is the simplest and easiest music app I've used.
    Tweet By ca3studio, Twitter

  • 1BitDragon is here with one of the most approachable music trackers I’ve ever seen. Doodle some shapes on the piano roll and the dragon will do its thing. There are nearly 200 instruments in here with almost as many drum samples so you can make a ton of music across a bunch of genres without having to get outside of 1BitDragon. If you’ve ever been too intimidated to start making music, this is a great place to start.
    Game Making Selects Bundle,

  • As someone with 0.00 musical talent, @1Bitdragon is a phenomenal tool. It's like pushing paint around with your fingers and suddenly, boom, you're a Rembrandt.
    Tweet By Corey Sharrah, Twitter

  • I make mention of 1BITDRAGON here because it surprised me how easy it was to make something that sounded good without even knowing what I was doing. There are many options to it, it’s simplified so it’s not overwhelming, you “paint” to place the notes (like in a lot of music tools). I button mashed, but still got something that sounded impressive. There are many music tools out there. 1BITDRAGON is one that simplifies it enough to make it welcoming to people that don’t understand the finer workings of music authoring.
    Article by Nathalie Lawhead, Nathalie Lawhead's website

  • Depth and complex versatility can be overrated when you want to make some music. While some people enjoy the minutiae of carefully crafted composition, 1BitDragon offers another approach that is ridiculously easy to get into, completely self-contained and can produce some pretty decent tunes.
    Article by Robin Vincent, Gearnews