"Anyone can compose music"

A lightweight music creation software super easy to use, instant and fun

You don't have musical background ? You don't want to engage in years of music theory training ?

Create complex music compositions simply by drawing on the screen.

1BITDRAGON is the most intuitive software for music creation!

Make your own track in just minutes

Audio Demos



Q. How can I learn 1BITDRAGON?
R. Read the User's Guide. Watch the videos.

Q. Can I distribute songs made with 1BITDRAGON?
R. Yes, you can distribute, sell or copyright any production rendered from 1BITDRAGON.

Q. Do I get updates?
R. Yes, you do. With your purchase you will be able to download updates from itch.io and you do not have to repay. When you buy something on itch.io you don’t need an account. When purchasing without an account your purchase is tied to your email address. You just have to redownload 1BITDRAGON. If you ever lose the link, you can request it to be resent to your email.

Q. Ahhh! I found a bug!
R. Keep calm and report the bug here.

System Requirements


Mac OS X




Very happy with my purchase of 1BITDRAGON music maker. I was looking for something less complex than most DAWs, but able to belt out game jam style music quickly. It is exactly what I needed.
Check it out here:https://t.co/XE2VHZewfc#gamedev #indiegamedev #indiegames pic.twitter.com/SLPqkVz32c

— snarge (@snarge) December 24, 2020


In order to download this tool you must purchase it for $20 USD duty free. You will get access to the following files: